Industrial / Business InfrastructureRoadways
KPIL has comprehensive road network system that ensures smooth flow of traffic and end-to-end coverage throughout the SEZ. 4-lane arterial roads of international standards cover the entire SEZ. SEZ will have world class roadways designed with traffic sense to help transport navigation. 4-lane road connectivity to the nearest world class port “Krishnapatnam Port” is 6 Kms away. 4-lane road to National Highway network is 25Kms

Water and Sewerage
Assured water supply from the Government of Andhra Pradesh and ample availability of other resources ensures optimal functioning of industrial units. Surface drainage facilities and sewerage collection and treatment systems with designed with international standards helps in effectively managing industrial and residential wastes and effluents. Water storage facilities within the industrial zone and residential zone are reflective of our concern for following environment friendly business practices. A well-managed solid waste management system helps in its safe and appropriate disposal without causing environmental damage.

Assured and uninterrupted power supply to cater to the needs of the industrial and residential facilities from the Andhra Pradesh Government. The presence of our own power plant in the close vicinity of the SEZ Zone will ensure 1600MW of power for industrial and residential occupant's additional sources of power allocation.

Safety and Security Measures
KPIL is equipped with relevant safety and security features both in the industrial processing zone and the residential zone. To prevent trespassing into the SEZ appropriate fencing and boundary walls will be developed, thus ensuring security for the industrial and residential occupants.

Fire prevention mechanisms and safety measures as prescribed internationally will be placed in the industrial/residential zones to further enhance safety and prevent accidents.

The presence of a state-of-the-art telecommunication network in the form of cellular network, wired telephone connectivity, internet and video telecommunication systems, provided by different service providers ensures smooth and fast communication with the outside world.