The Deep Sea Port Adjacent to the multi-product SEZ / DTA development is the deep water Krishnapatnam Port, a private port operated by Krishnapatnam Port Company Limited (KPCL) within the Navayuga Group.  Krishnapatnam Port is located about 180 kms north of Chennai in Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh. Its strategic location supports the LOOK EAST Exim Trade Policy. It is also located near NH5 (Chennai to  Kolkata) and National Rail Network on the Kolkata - Chennai main line and  thus serves the hinterland of Southern Andhra Pradesh, Easter Karnataka and  Northern Tamil Nadu. A 25 kms 4-lane road connects the Port to NH5 and a dedicated railway line connects Venkatachalam on the Kolkata-Chennai Main line with the Port. Our customers use the road and rail connectivity extensively to transfer cargo to and from the port.

KPCL currently operates ten multi-product berths with three more under construction to meet the rapidly growing needs of the industries in the vicinity of the Port. Krishnapatnam Port is quickly emerging to be a major hub for import of coal and edible oil in India.  Thermal power plants serviced by the port will produce over 15,000 MW of power and edible oil refineries are targeted to import and refine over 2.1 MT of edible oil. KPCL understands the economical and business needs of coal importers to berth cape and super cape size vessels. Currently, Krishnapatnam Port has 16.5 M draft to berth 140,000 DWT vessels and is dredging to increase its draft to 20 M so as to berth 200,000 DWT vessels in the near future.

KPCL focuses on the import and export of bulk and  break bulk cargo. It offers state of art infrastructure that includes dredgers, tugs, rail sidings, 1.5 Million sq. ft. of covered warehouse area, automated bagging equipment, open yards, Liebherr cranes, fleet of Volvo and Mercedes Benz trucks for inter carting, pipelines for transfer of liquid cargo, etc. KPCL will commence operation of Container Terminal in June 2011. KPCL has already achieved major operational milestones using conventional methods for loading and discharge. KPCL loaded 60,021 MT of  iron ore in a single day, discharged 72,527 MT of coal in a single day, discharged 35,278 MT of Urea in a single day and 5,340 MT of Granite in a single day. To further improve scalability, KPCL has embarked on an ambitious program to mechanize its operations by installing conveyors, ship unloaders, ship loaders, wagon tippler, stacker reclaimers in its coal and iron ore yards, silos for loading coal into rakes, etc.

A distinguishing feature of the Port is the exceptional service provided by means of single window clearance for all functions such as berthing, wharfage, customs, stevedoring, transport, storage, loading of transport trucks or rail cars, etc. KPCL's goal is to ensure that customers experience pleasant and efficient port operations.
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